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How to Balance Business with Language Barriers: Cultural Differences in an Increasingly Globalized Economy

The world is becoming increasingly globalized every day – which means businesses are beginning to work more across language and cultural barriers. These are some tips on how best to tackle the challenges that come along with these changes and maintain success across borders. In the past, developing and emerging markets tended to be segregated, […]

Why overlooking professional translation could be one of your brand’s biggest mistakes

Professional translation is key for success and continued growth in our increasingly globalized economies and societies.

English doesn’t say it all!

Here is a list of 10 words and their meanings which simply do not exist in the English language. When you read them, you like me, will probably wonder how English speakers manage without some of them and perhaps others that they may be welcome to! Kummerspeck (German) The literal German translation is “grief bacon” […]

London translations by WORDtrans

WORDtrans offices are close to London Gatwick airport; one of the world’s busiest single runway airports. From Gatwick visitors are swept to the centre of London on a fast rail link. London is the vibrant, multi-cultural, multi-lingual capital city of the UK and WORDtrans counts itself fortunate to be part of its business, cultural and […]

Transcreation – A Brief Guide

As the world has become smaller in the sense that we are a more globalized civilization and that we can communicate with literally millions of people across the globe, translating marketing materials into different languages is imperative. For a company or a business to thrive the next step is for them to expand their horizons […]