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Translating the medical language – the doctor/patient relationship

Like many fields that require specialist knowledge and years of training, a medical education is like a language immersion programme. Sexually transmitted becomes venereal, cancer becomes neoplasm, and spots are papules. Each word has its own specific definition in medicine, and when spoken together, make up the language of surgeons, physicians, medical researchers and clinicians. […]

Takeda Pharmaceutical has global ambitions – fails to translate them

Takeda Pharmaceutical wants to be taken seriously in the global market, but it has failed to translate results of an internal probe. The report commissioned is only available in Japanese, and has not been translated into any other language. Earlier this year, Takeda Pharmaceutical’s chief executive Yasuchika Hasegawa explained the hiring of several foreigners to […]

How to Balance Business with Language Barriers: Cultural Differences in an Increasingly Globalized Economy

The world is becoming increasingly globalized every day – which means businesses are beginning to work more across language and cultural barriers. These are some tips on how best to tackle the challenges that come along with these changes and maintain success across borders. In the past, developing and emerging markets tended to be segregated, […]

Why overlooking professional translation could be one of your brand’s biggest mistakes

Professional translation is key for success and continued growth in our increasingly globalized economies and societies.

English doesn’t say it all!

Here is a list of 10 words and their meanings which simply do not exist in the English language. When you read them, you like me, will probably wonder how English speakers manage without some of them and perhaps others that they may be welcome to! Kummerspeck (German) The literal German translation is “grief bacon” […]