We’ve had an excellent working relationship with WORDtrans for well over 10 years, providing translation services to translate the user interface for our Shopfloor-Online application
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About Us

About Us

WORDtrans has supplied high-quality translation services and interpreting services since 1992. This experience has given us a reputation that is second to none for translation accuracy and translation style. Our translators translate only into their mother-tongue and are based in their native country, so they are right on top of new phrases and trends in the way language is used.

The majority of our clients have been with us for a number of years. WORDtrans provides translations for many sectors, including the Public Sector, Marketing, Market Research, Technical, Engineering, Legal and Manufacturing.

Our interpreting assignments include  telephone, face-to-face interpreting, consecutive and simultaneous for organisations such as local government, national government departments, healthcare authorities and international bodies.

All  time zones are covered by WORDtrans’ operations in the UK, US and China, giving global clients a truly 24/7 service. We have a worldwide network of professional translators  who are well qualified in their chosen fields of specialism and  provide totally accurate translations, appropriate to the subject. As an ISO9001-2008 Quality Accredited Company, all of WORDtrans’ business processes are carried out in conformance with this standard.

Translation technology has moved on significantly since WORDtrans first opened its doors 20 years ago and we have moved with it. WORDtrans has the latest technology in translation memory systems and a Workflow Management System. This means clients benefit from increased translation consistency and accuracy, reduced timescales and allows customers to track project progress through a dedicated client portal that also allows secure transfers of files.

Please contact us on +44 (0)1342 826064 for further information or request a quote

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