WORDtrans are reliable, always very quick to respond to our requests and their turn-around times are excellent given that we are nearly always asking for delivery in a matter of days.

Work With Us

Work with WORDtrans

If you are interested in registering with us as a new translator or interpreter, WORDtrans invites online Applications via our Flow Project Management System.

WORDtrans requests the following minimum requirements for initial consideration:

  • Membership to a recognised professional body for freelance translators/interpreters (e.g ITI, IoL)
  • References from PROZ (including ID), clients, or a verifiable fellow translator
  •  A summary of your translation projects over the past 12 months
  •  A willingness to undergo a short translation test piece

If you are happy to confirm one or more of these details, please click on the link below and follow the on-screen instructions for access to WORDtrans’ online Provider Application:



Need help?

Should you have any difficulties at all in accessing our online Provider Application, please contact us at enquiries@wordtrans.com

Alternatively, you can also download our terms of business PDF.

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