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Website Translation

Website Translation

WORDtrans offers a professional Website Translation Service which supports you in translating and localising your website. When translating a website for a foreign market it is important to be aware of any cultural differences and cultural sensitivities of the country the website is aimed for.

Marketing messages can be interpreted differently from country to country and to avoid any cultural pitfalls, our in-country based translators will not only translate your website content into a foreign language, but will also ensure that cultural differences and any cultural sensitivities are reflected in the translated content.

Website Translation Services and website localisation by WORDtrans includes:

  • The content of every web page is correctly translated and adapted to the target market.
  • We use in country based translators to ensure any cultural sensitivities and difference are reflected.
  • We have a large network of experienced in-country native speaking translators, with experience in a wide range of sectors.
  • We only assign translators with the specific knowledge in your field to your translation project.
  • Every translation project is overseen by an experienced in-house project manager.
  • We can project manage the translation of your website into multiple languages
  • We translate all of your online content including blogs, keywords, meta tags and email campaigns.
  • From a basic ecommerce website through to a highly technical software platform application, we can meet all your translation needs.

Linguistic quality checks of your website

Once you have populated your web pages with the foreign text, WORDtrans offers you a quality check by our translator, who will proof read the entire website to guarantee that everything that is online is correct. We can even offer you a second proof reading stage by an independent proof reader, to give you piece of mind.

Please contact us on +44(0)1342826064 to discuss our Website Translation Servive  or request a quote now.

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