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Interpreting Services

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WORDtrans can provide an interpreter in London, any other UK location or anywhere worldwide for face-to-face, telephone, BSL and video conference interpreter assignments. Our vastly experienced, native speaking interpreters have specialist subject knowledge, are professionally qualified and members of the IOL, ITI, or equivalent. All interpreters have passed WORDtrans’ rigorous acceptance tests and are subjected to ongoing performance monitoring. For the UK public sector work, all of our Public Service interpreting service personnel are CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked. We have a team of experienced Project Managers who will assist you with all your interpreting needs.

Our interpreter service will support you by helping you to communicate with your international clients/customers, suppliers and stakeholders with:

  • Telephone interpreting
  • Video conference interpreting
  • Large conferences and formal meetings
  • Business functions such as smaller meetings, exhibitions and product launches
  • Public service interpreting, criminal justice proceedings, including court hearings, solicitor interviews, arbitration hearings and immigration tribunals
  • Events and assignments within the education, health and social services sectors
  • Large print and Braille
  • EasyRead and Audio

WORDtrans are members of the ATC, affiliates of the EUATC and are ISO 9001 certified. We are proud of these associations and standards which ensure quality services for all our clients.

Please contact us on +44(0)1342826064 to discuss your requirements or request a quote now.

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