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Certified Translation

Certified Translation
Certified translations are usually required for documents such as:

  • CV’s;
  • school-leaving examinations;
  • university degrees/academic certificates;
  • birth certificates;
  • marriage certificates;
  • vaccination documents;
  • medical reports;
  • court orders

Our experienced and professional translators will translate your foreign document into English and depending on what level of certification you require, we will arrange the required certification of the translation.

In general there are three levels of certification:

  • Certified translation
    For a certified translation, WORDtrans carries out the translation of the document and afterwards we confirm in an accompanying letter that the document is the accurate translation of the original document.
  • Notarised translation
    Notarised translations are usually needed for any kind of legal purposes. The translation needs to have a notarial certificate by a recognised notary. WORDtrans offers notarised translation services to both individuals and business customers.
  • Legalised translation
    UK documents that will be used for legal purposes abroad, for example marriage certificates, usually need a legalised document by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  Legalisation is the official confirmation by the Foreign and commonwealth Office that a signature, stamp or seal on a UK public document is genuine. It does not authenticate the content of the document. In general, a certified translation will be send to the FCO and they will return it with an FCO apostille.

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