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Case Studies

WORDtrans Case Study [1]

Multi languages services for the Online Market Research sector

WORDtrans has provided rapid and localised translations to the Market Research industry since 2002.

One client specialises in online research and works on behalf of several well known international brands.  The client requires 700 translations annually, amounting to more than 5 million words per annum, in languages such as French, Spanish, German and Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Another Chicago-based client asked WORDtrans to translate a 71,000-word series of surveys from English to Spanish Mexican in under a week.  We translated the questionnaires prior to them being distributed and then translated the Spanish Mexican responses back into English, all within the specified time frame – maintaining consistency and style throughout.

Our team of highly knowledgeable and sought after translators, combined with our project management skills and flexible systems, allows us to service the specific requirements of the market research industry in a way that more generalist providers can’t.

We have proved time and again that our knowledge of the industry, the ability to support the need to be fast to market and our competitive pricing is what it takes to get the job done.

WORDtrans Case Study [2]

Multi languages translation services for the Medical Sector

WORDtrans’ medical experience stems from working extensively with a Swedish-based company since September 2009 to provide medical and pharmaceutical translations.

The company approached WORDtrans to help them translate an array of drug trial documents across a variety of languages.

Due to the worldwide nature of the drug trial, which is investigating the safety and effectiveness of drugs to lower the probability of cardiovascular trauma, the project requires translations of every medical report into English from numerous languages, which include: German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Slovak, Czech, Bulgarian and Greek.

We receive the documents as handwritten PDF files.  We determine the language and assess the legibility, prior to sending them to our established medical and pharmaceutical team for translation. Translations take between 3 and 45 days per document according to their length and complexity and we maintain the sources original layout to ensure authenticity.

Each translated document is then proof-read in-house and coded by their medical/patient numbers before being uploaded onto the client’s FTP site. We have been working on this project since the outset of the trial in September 2009 and will continue to produce 25 documents per month until the completion of the study in 2013.

WORDtrans Case Study [3]

Multi languages translation and interpreting for the Legal and Bankruptcy Sector

WORDtrans has provided translation and interpreting services to the Public Sector Insolvency Service since 2004.

Our work covers every aspect of insolvency law translating documents such as: legal and financial correspondence; legal documents and court orders, as well as guidebooks and website text to or from English.

Files are typically received as PDF documents and the managers extract the necessary content to complete the translation. The file is then sent to our panel of translators.

Proof-reading from a second independent linguist occurs before the translated text is quality assessed. This process occurs on a weekly basis with a turnaround of 3-5 working days.

In addition, WORDtrans offers face-face interpreting to the Insolvency Service for use in court or during telephone calls.  This service is used for translation into or from Arabic, Punjabi, Hindi, Gujarati, Simplified or Traditional Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Tagalog, Turkish and Welsh.

WORDtrans Case Study [4]

Translation for IT and software localisation

WORDtrans works with a large number of clients that offer online and offline software updates, including large complex Content Management software translations, specifically help files and web pages.

Annually, we translate approximately 80,000 words into numerous languages; particularly French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Polish.

A typical project involves processing the files and other associated documents against detailed filters before sending them onto our panel translators who produce the documents in a turnaround of roughly 5-7 working days.

WORDtrans Case Study [5]

Technical and Engineering translations

WORDtrans has been delivering translations for technical and engineering manuals on a frequent basis for the past 20 years.

Working for 6 years alongside a client who is leading manufacturer of paper counting equipment for the commercial print sector, we have developed a high degree of expertise in translations in this industry. We regularly translate related manuals into German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Polish and Hungarian.

The manuals to be translated can be sizeable – with documents of up to 100 pages not being unusual.

Another client designs and manufactures heating units.  The translation of the technical manuals requires industry expertise coupled with quality assurance to ensure complete accuracy.   We source suitable industry and client specific terminologies to provide translations of even the most complex technical phrases.

WORDtrans Case Study [6]

Transport translations

WORDtrans – in partnership with a leading language company – has been providing multiple translations in Swedish to English for a well known, global transportation company.

The company in question designs, manufactures and supports innovative aviation products for a wide spectrum of industry sectors.  The company also operates in the rail travel sectors, covering all types of rail products from sub-systems to signalling.

Throughout the previous 5 years , we have frequently undertaken translations for the rail business, translating legal agreements, technical specifications and operating manuals from or into English from a range of languages.

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