WORDtrans gives us accurate and cost-effective translations delivered on time, every time…a pleasure to work with.
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SAS UK has been using WORDtrans since 2002 for a variety of language translations – German, Dutch, French and Arabic, to name a few. The content usually relates to the software industry and they have always been able to provide us with good translations by someone who has taken the trouble to understand our industry.

WORDtrans are reliable, always very quick to respond to our requests and their turn-around times are excellent given that we are nearly always asking for delivery in a matter of days. I value them as a dependable company able to provide us with the high standard of service we demand from all our suppliers.

Lighthouse UK

We’ve had an excellent working relationship with WORDtrans for well over 10 years, providing translation services to translate the user interface for our Shopfloor-Online application. Over that time they’ve helped us make our product available in over 10 languages. The service is always professional and efficient, and they manage to meet the most demanding deadlines when the occasion demands.


WORDtrans has worked closely with BrainJuicer on the exclusive delivery of translations, both to and from English, since 2002.  BrainJuicer are an innovative online agency, working with some of the world’s top consumer brands to reinvent market research so that clients can better understand & predict people’s behaviour.  WORDtrans work directly with the local BrainJuicer offices in London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Laussanne, Hamburg, Shanghai and Sao Paulo.


We need technically accurate, concise and unambiguous translations ranging from legal documents to specialist technical topics.  Our company has used WORDtrans translation services for a number of years and have established an excellent working-relationship.

We find WORDtrans provides:

  • Quality translations at sensible prices
  • A flexible and committed approach to delivery deadlines (often given at very short notice)
  • Source to target language translations retain technical content accuracy through excellent working communication

Basically, WORDtrans gives us accurate and cost-effective translations delivered on time, every time…a pleasure to work with.”


Preparing and finalising product documentation can often leave little time for translating; however, I can rely on WORDtrans to provide swift and accurate translations to meet my deadlines.


Semantix are a global language services company based throughout the Nordic Region, working with a number of large Technical, Engineering and Pharmaceutical companies.  WORDtrans has worked with Semantix for more than 12 years and are considered as a primary supplier of localised translation services.

The Insolvency Service

The Insolvency Service exists to provide the framework and the means for dealing with financial failure in the economy and with the misconduct that is often associated with it. To achieve this they maintain and develop a world-class insolvency law and regulatory framework; deliver key public services to support that framework; deliver and promote an effective investigation and enforcement regime; and ensure an organisation devoted to continuous improvement.

WORDtrans has exclusively delivered Translation and Interpreting services to the 39 local Insolvency Service offices since 2004.

Other WORDtrans Clients

  • London Fire Brigade
  • Casewise Ltd
  • Mystery Shoppers
  • Paxton Access
  • IHWT
  • Vacuumatic
  • Allen Coding
  • Seschat
  • Chris Wall Creative
  • Greater London Authority
  • West Sussex County Council
  • World One Research
  • Kadence
  • Biomni
  • ASK Europe
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