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Russian Translation Service

Russian Translation Service

WORDtrans’ Russian Translation Service is busy!
In the past twelve months, WORDtrans translated more than 553,000 words from and into Russian, highlighting how popular our Russian Translation Service is.

WORDtrans offers a fast, efficient and high quality Russian Translation Service for all your translation needs, to and from Russian. Our Russian Translation Services are project managed and carried out by native Russian translators who are professionally qualified both in linguistics and in their field of specialism. Russian translation texts are produced in a wide range of sectors, including electronics, engineering, pharmaceutical and financial, for a wide variety of purposes from market research and marketing, to websites, legal documents and manuals.

Languages are moving targets with new words and phrases constantly being added to cover advances in technology, trends and other innovations. The translators live in their country so they are totally on top of changes to language nuances and usage.  In addition, our Russian translation service translators undergo a rigorous selection procedure and ongoing performance monitoring.

WORDtrans’ Russian Translation Services are totally dependable, with rapid turnaround to meet your deadlines and commitments. The technology we use ensures translation consistency, even when a team of translators works on a single large project or when translations are subsequently updated.

If you have a Russian translation project, contact us now or request a quote for our Russian Translation Service.

The WORDtrans edge for Russian translations to and from all language variations:

  • More than 20 years’ experience in technical, commercial, medical and legal fields
  • Technology to reduce time and cost of your translations
  • Translations delivered in any format
  • Translations by highly-qualified, experienced native Russian translators
  • Member of the ATC, affiliate EUATC and ISO 9001 certified


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Russia and the Russian Language

Learn more aboutRussia and the Russian Language

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